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Fred Rogers (better known to the world as Mr. Rogers) would end every one of his 895 episodes with the same sign-off. "I like you just the way you are."

for 33 years, that man was on the screen every day telling you that you were special and that you were a good person, no matter what you had done, and no matter how bad things were. Little children could always rely on Mr. Rogers to offer them a friendly smile and the reassurance that they were at least important to someone. Grown-ups who might have been feeling down, might have lost a job or a loved one, or might have been worn down facing the trials of everyday living, could easily find that familiar neighborhood where they were always welcome and they would just know that it was going to be ok.

sometimes we all face hard times, tough decisions, pain, loss and fear. we all have days where we feel like nothing we do matters and all of our running around will just leave us tired and frustrated.

this is why the world needed Mr. Rogers.

we all need to be told that we are special, we are important, and our lives on this planet do have meaning. Mr. Rogers gave us that, and you always felt that he meant it every time, that he was speaking to each and every one of us, and he would always accept us, "just the way you are."

go tell someone important to you just what they mean to you. spread some love around.

now more than ever
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