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gun control means using both hands

Baby 'Bubba' gets a gun permit

"Bubba" Ludwig can't walk, talk or open the refrigerator door -- but he does have his very own Illinois gun permit.

The 10-month-old, whose given name is Howard David Ludwig, was issued a firearm owner's identification card after his father, Howard Ludwig, paid the $5 fee and filled out the application, not expecting to actually get one.

The card lists the baby's height (2 feet, 3 inches), weight (20 pounds) and has a scribble where the signature should be.

Apparently the kid got a 12 guage shotgun from his grandfather as a gift, so the dad applied for the firearms permit. the story says that Grandpa will hold on to the 12 gauge until "Bubba" is 14
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i expect this to happen on Fox pretty soon

British network is sorry for showing porn

Smallworld, which supplies cable TV in Britain, has apologized for accidentally airing porn instead of regular programs.

Viewers in Scotland and England got quite a surprise when what they expected to be the "Ten O'Clock News" or the BBC's "Jeremy Paxman and Newsnight," turned out to be adult channel Climax 3, The Guardian reported.

The cable company accidentally aired Climax 3, part of the Playboy subscription channels, for an entire two hours until the mix-up was discovered and fixed, the report said.

it took two hours before someone noticed... TWO HOURS! that to me is funny
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a little flag that says *BANG*

Gunman kills 2 clowns in Colombian circus

Two clowns were shot and killed by an unidentified gunman during their performance at a traveling circus in the eastern Colombian town of Cucuta, police said Wednesday.

The gunman burst into the Circo del Sol de Cali on Monday night and shot the clowns in front of an audience of 20 to 50 people, local police chief Jose Humberto Henao told Reuters.

One of the clowns was killed instantly, and the second died the next day in hospital.

"The killings had nothing to do with the show the victims were performing at the time of the incident," Henao said in a telephone interview. "We are investigating the motive."


how much more random can you get than gunning down a clown?
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Is that what art looks like?

From the Brooklyn art gallery that brought you the Nude Britney Spears giving birth on a bearskin rug statue comes the latest in celebrity inspired artwork. You guessed it, a bronze sculpture of what Suri Cruise's first poop might look like.

That's right, no one has seen a picture of the little Scientological spawn, but this artist is going to show us that it's what's inside that counts... or what was inside, i guess.

the poop sculpture will be on display until September and then sold on Ebay, the profits going to the March of Dimes foundation. Limited edition plaster replicas will also be available.


The sad part is that several people have signed off on this and not one of them has taken a step back and said "wait, that's dumb!"
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